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May 17, 2009

movedyes yes, it’s ALL TRUE!

Bread of Many can now be found all the way across the internet on!


{click this little guy and check it out!}


check it out, y’all

May 12, 2009

breadonpoppyyes, yes! i’m all atingle to be a part of Poppytalk Handmade‘s new paper goods market “Paper Pops” !! it’s an awesome collection of  artists (it’s only been up one day and i’ve already seen so many things i need need need)

poppytalkhandmade{click to go explore the market!}

bread of many is table number 26, stop by and see my new wares!

&while youre there see all the other talented smooshpots in the mix, ok? ok

chim chum

May 3, 2009

well first things first, naturally..


seriously, a huge thanks to Luzel at iDiY for writing the sweetest feature on my save the dates and linking to my “Remember to Remember” download!! it really made my day

{  p.s.   the  “Remember to Remember” download is being extendended and will be available  throughout the month of may.. get it while you can! }

{  p.p.s.  the beautiful font above is Floral via DaFont, type away, little ones! }

~~~~~ in other exciting news ~~~~~

new items are up in my shop!




{ COME OVER PLEASE fill-in invitations  –  set of 8 }

* these are really fun! i even handmadeand applied each mailing label. the recipient’s address label says “please deliver to” and the return address label says “regards,”  (both with plenty of room left to write)


cosmicegg2 cosmicegg1

{ COSMIC EGG note set – set of 4 }

*charmed, i’m sure!

~~~~~ in other other exciting news ~~~~~

shirtsyborderi am really thrilled to present my first font, SHIRTSY !

shirtsyalphabeti made it at Your Font, a really great site that lets you upload your own handwriting (or whatever style to choose) and turns it into a true type font instantly! all you have to do is download their PDF template.

they charge $10 to buy the font, which i think is a pretty reasonable price, and you get to preview it beforehand..


you can find the PDF on my downloads page – but i do have two teeny tiny requests :

– Please pretty please read the license, please!!

– If you make anything rad with it, please show me!! i love to see what other people can do!  email pictures or files or whatev to breadofmany {at} gmail {dot} com
happy creating, happy snails, &happy trails, y’all !

Grand Opening!

April 29, 2009

i’ve been crazy busy with the wedding and the working and etc. etc. but managed to get some stuff together tonight for my etsy shop! yay! finally!

i’ll be updating it as often as possible, i have a lot of ideas for new STUFF

here’s what i’ve added so far :


wussupgroup wussupwithenvelope

{ “Wussup” } flat note cards, set of 4 with envelopes


squawhocloseup squawhowithenvelope

{ “Squaw” } flat note cards, set of 4 with envelopes

another recent project was for my sweet cousin Ariana’s 18th birthday. naturally i decided on making a stationery set for her. i designed a personal monogram and applied it to variously sized card stock :



(the teeny bunch is smaller than my thumb!)

i should be updating more regularly now that my computer is fixed, SO DON’T WORRY.. and on a final note, here’s a picture i took of blarney castle in ireland (as seen through the POLADROID)


Free Printable Mini Memory-Saver!! – CLOSED

April 13, 2009

my very first download!!

today i was thinking about how many of my ideas end up precariously written on random scraps that wind up forgotten or ruined (and how annoyed I am about that)…

..pretty soon the Novelty Organizer inside me started to get antsy, so i ended up making myself these “Remember to Remember” mini note cards and decided to share!


stack them by your bed, keep them in your purse… staple together all of  your ideas at the end of each week for an instant great idea diary! yes!!

{ you can download the pdf here ! }

this download will only be available for one month


the design will be available on post-it notepads in my etsy shop soon!

a note of..

April 9, 2009


{1}  to nole at (oh so) beautiful  paper for the feature on my save the dates !!

{2}  to brent at ada books for the dear deer shout out !!

{3}  to danni at oh, hello friend for the link love !! {belated but BIG thank you!}

i am a stationery making MACHINE… apparently…

April 4, 2009

this is a set of 4 of my “SQUAW HO” notecards, which i also print on robin’s egg blue paper with red envelopes :


set of 5 “ASSORTED HAMS” notecards, various colors with light blue envelopes :


set of 4 “GO JUMP IN A LAKE” notecards with yellow envelopes :



a handy all-occasion card :