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tonight i made things

April 4, 2009

including :

two greeting cards : both of which are fairly non-specific :



and a set of 4 notecards, 2 yellow and 2 green, with envelopes, titled :


curlyfront{ front }


{ back }


sketchbook :

April 2, 2009

inspired by : the music of the Young Turds



side project

March 25, 2009

my very very very small publishing company, House of Buttsavage, has just released a new book of poetry written by myself and one PJK , entitled: Zero On The Shirt of an Indian Reckless Who We All Met Before & Dated That Girl.

they are all being mailed away to favorite people.

i am getting married in 86 days…

March 25, 2009

and while the invitations are working themselves out, with a lot of lovely help, i thought i’d show the save the dates i made..

it was a really big project. the designs were scanned in to the computer and then printed onto cardstock from paper source {my favorite store of all time}



once everything was printed (it took some time to get the printer to accept printing onto A2 and 4bar sized cards) the text card got trimmed and attached to a brown card WHICH was then attached to the foldover.

the text itself was really fun to do,


as was addressing the envelopes, also from paper source. dscn2570dscn2561despite all the layers, the final cost of these was really not too bad, something like 86ยข each.

i’m sort of sad that the save the dates and invitations are already designed, its a pretty fun process, you can really do anything.. i’m excited to make the programs!

* * * * * * *

IN OTHER NEWS: i have begun selling some of my greeting cards and stationary at Ada Books (717 Westminster Street, Providence, RI) ! the line is called BREAD OF MANY / FLESH OF NONE and everything is hand drawn and one of a kind !


here is the first set from a series of alchemy notecards i made :

this one is called “Genesis in the Retort”



here’s the second (sorry, really bad scans)

this one’s called “Cosmic Egg”



{ i’ll post more as i make them / get a chance to scan them }


February 22, 2009

so i have been harvesting my past for inspiration and i’ve come across some pretty funny stuff :

{click to see the deetz }

these are fom my sketchbook “Mouskawitz & the Cat-have-its” from july 2006

this one, for instance : a reale scream:


and not long after that :



something that i love from my “douchebag, constipates, and losers” series: i drew this on the u-Haul ride up to providence from DC :


haha, i love the facial expression + the flared jeans

{more soon ..}

something i did today

February 14, 2009

made a quick belated thank you card for some relatives, with a nice label on the envelope..

{click for big-size}



p.s. i like Valentine’s Day

{ sw8 }

February 13, 2009

this day marks : the : grand occasion of my first greeting card sale.

a Valentine’s Day / General Warm-Sentiment card i made..

{ six american green. that S-I-X SUH-MACKAROOS }

click for bigger information

The Front Of It.

{ The Front Of It. }

{ The "Punchline" .or something. }

{ The "Punchline" .or something. }

{ Envelopment. }

{ Envelopment. }

{in other news}

i actually think the creepiest part of the movie The Wicker Man is the part where the little girl is painting a picture of a hare. that scene is constantly playing itself in my head and creeping me out.